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Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center uses an electronic health record system supported by OCHIN.

If you are a patient at Virginia Garcia, MyChart gives you free secure online access to your medical records. You can send messages directly to your care team or request prescription refills all without picking up the phone.  

Enjoy secure, easy online access to your personal health records through the MyChart portal.

In an effort to improve security, MyChart will begin using two-factor verification on Friday, May 19.  You will be asked to set this up the next time you log into your MyChart account.

You can choose to not use this feature.

Click below to find out more about how to set up, or opt out of, two-step verification.

English: MyChart Two-Step Verification Instructions

Spanish: MyChart Two-Step Verification Instructions

If you have forgotten your password or are having problems using or logging into MyChart, contact the Virginia Garcia MyChart Help Desk at 503-359-5564 or email Mychart@vgmhc.org. Our team is here to help you Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. 

What MyChart can do for you

Manage your health care records, send an email to your provider, make an appointment for your child or check for test results. MyChart puts the health care information you need for you and your family all in one place.

We have implemented a new pharmacy software program that will make it easier for you to order your prescriptions and manage your medications through your MyChart account.

The automated phone refill system will be changing to a voicemail system. You will be able to leave a request for refill but you will only receive notifications when your medication is ready for pickup if you have a MyChart account.

Check your test results

No more waiting for your provider to call you back. Check your results as soon as they are available.

Request an appointment

Request, cancel and reschedule appointments for you and your family members.

Prescription Refills and Management

You can now conveniently manage all your prescriptions and refills in one place.

Reach out to your care team

Reach out to your care team with questions, have a video visit or follow-up on that test result when it is convenient for you.

Access your medical records

Everything from checking up on what vaccines your kids need this year to what medications you are currently taking, it's all there.

Stay connected

Keep track of your health as well as the health of your family all from one account when you link family member accounts.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you have a MyChart account, simply click here to log into your account

Below are some documents to help you get started using MyChart

  • Managing Your Health

    Learn how to move around inside MyChart and make the best use of all the great tools.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

Please note:  MyChart is not meant to replace emergency care. If you need immediate care or have life-threatening symptoms, please call 911 or go to your closest emergency room.

What is MyChart?

MyChart is a free service that offers you online access to your health record. Whether you are at work, at home or on the go, you can view test results, send messages to your care team, see your VG prescriptions , and much more. 

You can even request your next dental or medical appointment and schedule a COVID-19 vaccine.

How do I switch to Virginia Garcia from another organization?

Switching to the Virginia Garcia MyChart application is easy. It only takes a few steps to get you connected.

Follow the instructions below to get started with Virginia Garcia MyChart today:

Switching your app to VG

Cambio de mi Cuenta MyChart

How do I sign up for MyChart?

MyChart is available to Virginia Garcia patients age 13 or older. You can sign up by calling 503-359-5564 or emailing mychart@vgmhc.org. For verification we will need your DOB, current address, and mobile telephone number.

You can also follow the instructions here:

Sign-up Instructions - English

Sign-up Instructions - Spanish

If you already have the MyChart App on your phone you can connect to Virginia Garcia, tap "+Add Organization" and enter "Virginia Garcia"

How do I get access to someone else's MyChart account?

If you are the parent or guardian of a Virginia Garcia patient you can request proxy access to their account.

Types of proxies include:

-An individual permitted by an adult patient to be a proxy (e.g., spouse, sibling). Access will remain in effect until revoked.

-Parent/legal guardian of a developmentally disabled minor or adult patient.

-Parent of a minor (birth parent or adoptive parent) If you are not the birth or adoptive parent (e.g., stepparent, grandparent), you must provide documentation that establishes that you are the patient’s legal guardian/healthcare representative.

-Legal guardian or authorized representative of an adult. Authorized representative may include a care facility.

-Legal guardian or authorized representative of a minor. For minors under age 12, this proxy expires prior to the patient's 12th birthday; For minors ages 12 through 17, this proxy expires on the patient’s 18th birthday.

To request proxy access, please complete the below form:

Proxy Request form - English

Proxy Request form - Spanish

How do I attend a video session with my provider?

Make sure you have a MyChart account and have installed the MyChart application on your phone.

Instructions on how to set up your phone and prepare for a successful call with your provider can be found here:

Mobile Video Visit instructions - English

Mobile Video Visit Instructions - Spanish

Is MyChart available in Spanish?

Yes, MyChart is available in English and Spanish.   From the login page, in the top right corner above the login, click  Ver en Español to translate into Spanish.

Can I view a family member's health record in MyChart?

Yes you can. This is called Proxy access and it allows you to link your family’s accounts to yours for convenient access to appointments, immunization records, growth charts and more.  You will need to complete a proxy form and mail it to Virginia Garcia or request a proxy form on your next visit with us.

You will need to complete one of the forms below in order to gain access to a family member's chart.

Proxy Request form - English

Proxy Request form - Spanish

Can I use MyChart to refill or reorder one of my prescriptions?

Yes. You can order your prescriptions and refills by sending a MyChart request. You can manage your medications in the My Health Record menu through your MyChart account. Please allow 3 business days to process your refill request.

Please note that the automated phone refill system has changed to a voicemail system. You can leave a request for a refill, but you will only receive notifications when your medication is ready for pickup if you have a MyChart account.

If you are using a pharmacy other than Virginia Garcia, you will need to contact them directly.

When can I see my test results in MyChart?

Most of your test results are automatically released to your MyChart. Depending upon the lab, results will become available between 48 hours and two weeks.  

Mobile phone or Tablet setup
You can install the MyChart app on your phone or tablet by clicking the Google Play or App Store button

The MyChart app requires an iPhone 6 or better, or an Android phone. 

Complete MyChart step-by-step instructions for your phone, tablet or computer are available here.

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