Student Learning Opportunities

At Virginia Garcia, anyone visiting for educational purposes is considered a Student Learner. A 'shadow' is someone who observes and asks questions while following a provider, while a Student may also interact with patients.

The program is broad, including high school seniors fulfilling class requirements or exploring future careers, as well as Residents doing rotations. Typically, we have 30-40 Student Learners at Virginia Garcia at any given time.


We have established programs with OHSU, Pacific University and others in the following areas:

  • Pharmacy
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Physician Assistant

You do not have to be a student at OHSU or Pacific University to apply. Virginia Garcia does receive Student Learners from other schools as well.

How to Apply:

  • Email your requests

    Send your requests to our Student Learning Coordinator

Please be sure to include the following information:
  • Academic status (current school and year)
  • Availability (approximate start date and length of time available)
  • How many hours do they need (estimate)
  • Area of interest/specialty
  • Languages spoken fluently (other than English)
Additional Information:

The Student Learners are paired with a provider in one of our clinics during their learning time.

As there is limited availability. We recommend that interested students contact Virginia Garcia two – three months in advance to apply for placement in the program. Placement is not guaranteed, but every effort is given to provide an opportunity for each student.

Although not a requirement, it is a strong advantage to speak Spanish. More than half of our population speaks Spanish and more than 80% are best served in a language other than English.

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