To make an appointment, contact your Virginia Garcia clinic anytime between 7:30am-7pm Monday through Thursday.  If you need to cancel or move your appointment, please contact your clinic as soon as possible.

Beaverton Wellness Center


Primary Care: (503) 352-6000
BWC Dental: (503) 352-7990
Beaverton Central Dental: (503) 718-3675
Pharmacy: (503) 352-1699

Cornelius Wellness Center


Primary Care:  (503) 359-5564
CWC Dental:  (503) 359-8505
Vision: (503) 352-8543
Pharmacy:  (503) 352-8552

Hillsboro Clinic



Primary Care:   (503) 601-7400
Dental:  (503) 352-2354
Vision: (503) 352-7300 
Pharmacy: (503) 601-7410

McMinnville Clinic


Primary Care: (503) 472-1338
Dental: (503) 883-4700
Pharmacy: (503) 883-5868

Newberg Clinic


Primary Care:  (971) 281-3000
Dental:   (971) 281-3050
Pharmacy: 971-281-3060

Women’s Clinic


Primary Care:  (503) 597-4500

Checking In

Please arrive to your appointment on time, the “check in” time you were given when making the appointment. You’ll check in at the front desk and fill out any required forms while you wait to see a provider.

Please bring:

  • All current medications
  • Vaccine card

If you’re late or miss your appointment time, we may need to reschedule your appointment for a different day.


  • If self pay, bring household proof of income and minimum payment of $15.00
  • Insured patients should bring insurance card and be prepared to pay your insurance co-payment

When to Call Us
Virginia Garcia staff can help you make or cancel appointments, connect you with a nurse, or answer any questions you may have about care at Virginia Garcia.

If you have questions about medications or need an update about lab results, call the number on the “team card” you received from your provider.  Please call your pharmacy for medication refills.

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