Patient Feedback Let us know about your experience

Your feedback is important to our work. We want to hear about your experiences on everything from making your appointment to how your visit with your Care Team went.

  • Sharing Feedback

    We encourage you to share your feedback directly with clinic staff or the clinic manager, but you may also share it in writing or speak with someone in our Quality Assurance department. 

  • A Safe Environment

    No person will be punished or retaliated against for sharing their experience.


Make Your Voice Heard Join the Virginia Garcia Patient Advisory Council

The Virginia Garcia Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is a way for patients to share their experience as patients of Virginia Garcia and give input about access to health care, programs, and issues that affect our patients and the communities we serve.

There is no cost for serving on a patient council and all patients are invited to participate. We are currently recruiting for patient councils at the Beaverton, Cornelius, Hillsboro, McMinville, and Newberg primary care clinics.

We also understand the value of your time and will be offering $25 gift cards to our council members each time they participate in appreciation for sharing their experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in joining a council, please send an email to our Patient Engagement Specialist or by phone at 503.352.8677.

Patient Advisory Council Brochure:

Patient Advisory Council Information Flier -English  

Patient Advisory Council Information flier -Spanish

How to Give Feedback

The Form

You can use the link below complete a feedback form. You may also ask for a form at any Virginia Garcia location.

  • Submit by hand to an Virginia Garcia employee

    The form can be submitted to any Virginia Garcia employee

  • Send by email

    Emailed to our Quality Assurance Department

  • Send by regular U.S. Mail

    Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
    Quality Assurance Manager
    P.O. Box 6149
    Aloha, Or  97007

    Send via Email
  • Give feedback by calling us

    If you prefer to speak to someone directly, you are always welcome to reach out to our Patient Engagement Specialist at 503-352-8677.

Tell us your story—

Over a legacy of more than 46 years, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center has grown from a makeshift clinic in a three-car garage in Cornelius to now serving 1 in 13 residents of Washington and Yamhill counties. Our patients and their stories inspire our service. Please share your experience with us.

*All stories are provided using this portal are confidential and will not be shared or distributed without prior written consent.

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