Urgent issues & After Hours

For urgent matters outside regular business hours, existing patients can contact 800-876-6577 to speak with a provider. In case of a medical emergency, please dial 911.


  • Physical Location:

    3305 NE Aloclek Drive
    Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

  • Need Help Getting Here?

    You can use the TriMet Plan Your Trip online tool to plan your visit to our Administration Building.

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  • Mailing Address:

    PO Box 6149
    Aloha, Or  97007

  • (503) 352-8610

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Media Inquiries:

Please contact our Communications Team with any questions or media needs. 

  • Communications Department:
  • vg-communications@vgmhc.org
  • 503-352-8612



For information on events, volunteering, fundraising and donations, contact the Foundation.

Human Resources

Human Resources and Staffing:

For information about working at Virginia Garcia contact our Human Resources department or visit our Careers page to see a listing of any current positions available.

Employment Verification:

To verify an individual’s employment contact our Payroll department.



To make an appointment contact the clinic closest to you.


School-based health centers are available to children within a school district. Ages vary by district, check individual pages for details.

  • Beaverton Wellness Center

    Primary Care: (503) 352-6000 
    Dental @ The Wellness Center: (503) 352-7990
    Dental @ The Round: (503) 718-3675
    Pharmacy: (503) 352-6006
    Vision: (503) 352-1699
    Vision After Hours: (503) 616-6049
    Medical Records Fax Number: (503) 352-6081

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Cornelius Wellness Center

    Primary Care: (503) 359-5564 
    Dental: (503) 359-8505
    Pharmacy: (503) 352-8552
    Vision: (503) 352-8543
    Medical Records Fax Number: (503) 357-4371

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Hillsboro Clinic

    Primary Care:  (503) 601-7400
    Dental: (503) 352-2354
    (503) 601-7410
    (503) 352-7300
    Vision After Hours: (503) 616-6049
    Medical Records Fax Number:
    (503) 601-7311

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Hillsboro Women’s Clinic

    Phone: (503) 597-4500

    Visit Clinic Page
  • McMinnville Clinic

    Primary Care: (503) 472-1338
    Dental: (503) 883-4700
    Pharmacy: (503) 883-5868
    Medical Records Fax Number: (503) 434-8597

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Newberg Clinic

    Primary Care: (971) 281-3000
    Dental: (971) 281-3050
    Pharmacy: (971) 281-3060
    Medical Records Fax Number: (503) 357-4371

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Beaverton School District

    Phone: (503) 356-3985

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Forest Grove School District

    Also serving Forest Grove, Banks and Gaston school districts
    Phone: (503) 359-4057 

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Hillsboro School District

    Phone: (503) 844-2840 

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Tigard-Tualatin School District

    Also serving the Sherwood School District
    Located at Tigard High School
    Phone: (503) 431-5775 

    Visit Clinic Page
  • Willamina School-Based Health Center

    Phone: (503) 876-8564 

    Visit Clinic Page


Medical Records:

Please contact your clinic with any urgent requests.

  • Phone:
    (503) 359-8501
  • Fax:
    (503) 357-4371
  • Mailing Address:
    PO Box 6149 Aloha, Oregon 97007

Outreach Information

Outreach and Mobile Clinic Inquiries:

If you would like to have Virginia Garcia attend an event you are hosting or inquire about a visit from the Mobile Clinic, please contact our Outreach Team.


The Form

You can use the link below complete a feedback form. You may also ask for a form at any Virginia Garcia location.

  • Submit by hand to an Virginia Garcia employee

    The form can be submitted to any Virginia Garcia employee

  • Send by email

    Emailed to our Quality Assurance Department

  • Send by regular U.S. Mail

    Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
    Quality Assurance Manager
    P.O. Box 6149
    Aloha, Or  97007

    Send via Email
  • Give feedback by calling us

    If you prefer to speak to someone directly, you are always welcome to reach out to our Patient Engagement Specialist at 503-352-8677.


Interested in volunteering?

Virginia Garcia welcomes a variety of volunteers and visitors, including community members, medical professionals, and students fulfilling educational requirements. If you're interested in becoming involved, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center