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Media coverage:  January - July 2022

Below is a summary highlight of the media coverage received by Virginia Garcia. This is a summary listing. There were many other listings, often just a name mention or a repeat of an earlier show. These are the highlights.
Note: Stations are no longer providing video clips with all reports.  Reports now only include a snippit of the story and dates.

Previous months can be found below as well.

Media Coverage: August 2022

Virginia Garcia Community Health Fair: National Health Center Week
Oregon State Legislature: News from Representative McLain

Media Coverage: July 2022

Media Coverage: June 2022

Media Coverage: May 2021

Virgina Garcia Hillsboro 7th Ave Opening
KRYP 93.1 FM
KWIP 880am/96.1FM
And KBFF 95.5FM

Media Coverage: April 2022

Media Coverage: March 2022

Media Coverage: February 2022

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center has reopened its testing and vaccine clinics
Sunrise 630AM

Media Coverage: January 2022

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center