Message from the CEO Gil Muñoz

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center exists today because of the work that began 44 years ago by a handful of dedicated and driven community leaders who said, “Si se puede!” and believed that everyone, even migrant farmworkers, deserved health care.

Our founders took their passion for health care for everyone and turned it into a reality following Virginia’s tragic death. Within weeks of her passing, we were delivering critical care in a 3-car garage in Cornelius, removing barriers to health care for those who needed it most.

We are no longer in that garage: we are in 17 clinics, including a brand-new mobile clinic, employing more than 650 passionate, mission-driven employees, and our mission is the same. Our passion for our community remains the same.

Virginia Garcia strives to be where the need is and to continue to innovate by continuously growing and improving our level of integrative care. We will continue to expand services, break down the barriers that make it hard for our patients to be healthy and we will continue to serve all people, regardless of their country of origin, language, culture, immigration status, sexual orientation or circumstance.

Virginia Garcia will continue to look beyond the exam room for new ways to ensure our patients have access to high-quality, culturally relevant care.

We do all of this because our patients deserve more. Vulnerable members of our community, particularly immigrants and those from diverse backgrounds, need our support.


Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center