Support our Work Bringing health to the community

From drive-through screening sites to telemedicine we are working to bring our care to our patients. 

Help support these programs with a monetary donation today.

Support our Patients Responding to the needs of the community

Virginia Garcia is working to keep our patients safe and healthy during this emergency, and we need your help.

We are discovering new needs daily and your donation to the Support Our Patients campaign means we will be able to provide basics like food and medication. It will also ensure they are able to stay home as much as possible - increasing their ability to stay healthy.

Your generosity today will ensure we have the resources on hand to provide the best care and support for our patients and our community.

Masks for Patients Helping protect our community

A mask is the best way to protect your community but not everyone needs a surgical-grade mask.

Virginia Garcia would like to give every patient that is screened for Covid-19 and every expectant Mom a hand sewn mask.

 If you sew, or are part of an organization that does, we would love to hear from you.


Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment ensures the safety of not only our patients, but our staff as well. This equipment is vital to ensuring we can continue doing this work for our community.  We are very fortunate to have several community partners who understand how important this is and have stepped up to meet the need.

As a result, we do not need PPE for us. We are truly grateful for your willingness to support us and recommend you donate any PPE you may have to your local county public health organization.

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center