1/24: Virginia Garcia is experiencing telephone issues. If you are trying to reach our clinics, please call 503-352-6000.

Support our Work to Keep our Community Healthy

Join us in our fight against COVID-19 by supporting our response efforts. Your gifts help us ensure we can continue to bring care to those who call Virginia Garcia their medical home.

As part of our response to the pandemic, we increased telemedicine to all patients and are working to bring access to COVID-19 screening to underserved populations and other members of our community. From mass community screening events to supporting patients with home-equipment such as blood pressure cuffs to help them stay healthy at home, your generosity helps us keep our patients and our community as a whole, safe and healthy.

Make a gift today and join our efforts to ensure a healthier future for those we serve.

Support our Patients Give to our Patient Support Flex Fund

Our Patient Support Flex Fund is a program that provides direct assistance to our patients to help them address their needs outside the exam room.  We know these needs and barriers (or social determinants of health) can affect a patient’s health and wellbeing as much or more than what takes place in an exam room with their provider. These barriers were magnified in their intensity as a result of this pandemic. Together with partner organizations, we are knitting a safety net to support our patients and reduce the negative effects. Our outreach workers work with our patients to provide direct support with a wide range of needs, including: access to food, assistance paying utility bills, buying baby formula, car seats, prescription glasses, and other qualifying needs/items.

As we work to support our patients with all aspects of their overall wellbeing, this program has become a critical part of our organization’s response to the pandemic.

Masks for Patients Make Masks to Help Protect our Patients and Community

Wearing masks is the best way to protect ourselves and the community. While we know this is the most effective way, not everyone needs to wear a surgical-grade mask.

In our efforts to keep our patients and community safe and healthy, we are distributing hand-made masks to any patient who needs/would like one and every expectant mom within our care. For more information on how to support Virginia Garcia and our patients with masks, please click on the button below


Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment ensures the safety of both patients and staff at Virginia Garcia. This equipment is vital to ensuring we can continue doing this work with and for our community. 

Virginia Garcia is very fortunate to have several community partners who understand how important PPE is and have stepped up to meet the need. As a result, we are not in need of additional PPE at this time - thank you for your willingness to support us. We recommend you donate any PPE you may have to your local county public health organization.

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