Pharmacy services at the Beaverton, Hillsboro and McMinnville locations will not open until 1pm on Wednesday, May 25.

Prescriptions can be filled using our Cornelius and Newberg locations during this time.

Targeted Giving

When you give to a targeted cause, Virginia Garcia is able to continue providing specific, much needed services to the most vulnerable individuals. The programs are updated annually, based on the needs of our patients.  Below are the areas we are focusing on this year. From children's programs to outreach, there are many ways you can ensure your donation is supporting programs that are important to you.



Advocating for our patients has been an important part of our work from the beginning. Today, we continue to advocate for our patients by supporting policies which promote safe and healthy communities. We know that the social detriments of health start when not everyone has the same access to the things they need. To that end, we engage in work around important topics such as affordable housing, driver’s licenses and the upcoming 2020 Census. We also launched an internal civics leadership-training program. RISE (Reach, Inspire, Support, Engage) is designed to guide our staff on their journey to community leadership.

We know that when everyone is counted, everyone shares in success.



Oral health care is key to maintaining good health. At Virginia Garcia we offer preventive and restorative dental care services at six dental clinics in our service area, including Cornelius, Hillsboro, McMinnville, Newberg, and two locations in Beaverton. We employ dentists, expanded practice dental hygienists and dental assistants, and we work to ensure our dental staff are highly trained and our equipment and technology, up-to-date. Many of our dental staff are bilingual allowing them to better serve our patients.

We firmly believe a happy mouth is paramount to happy health.

Children's Health
Children's Health

Children's Health

At Virginia Garcia, almost half of our patients are children. We take special care of our youngest patients by providing them with a full spectrum of health care – immunizations, well-child check-ups, ages and stages development evaluations, dental sealants, healthy weight assessments, acute illness visits, sports physicals and so much more, all in a team-based setting.

When you support Children’s Health your donation will fund programs that support the health and well-being of the kids in our community.

Legacy Fund
Legacy Fund

Legacy Fund

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center’s story began over 40 years ago. Our founders’ inspiring response to Virginia’s tragic death continues to inspire us today. Within weeks of her passing, the founders secured a commitment from Providence to invest in our outreach to migrant farmworkers in the fields. We began delivering health care to our community’s most vulnerable people that very summer. Over forty years later, we now serve over 48,000 patients in 18 clinics throughout Washington and Yamhill counties. Our patients are more diverse than ever before – we serve in over 60 languages throughout our system. When you support our Legacy Fund you ensure that Virginia Garcia will be around to serve hundreds of thousands of people in our community, long into the future.

The Legacy Fund proceeds will ensure that Virginia Garcia has the operating reserve we need to withstand the difficulties of the health care industry.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Access to mental and behavioral health services is as important as getting regular check-ups. At Virginia Garcia, these services are part of the integrated approach we take to our patients’ health care and services are offered at each of our primary care clinic sites. In addition, we offer group classes that support healthy behavior choices like Tomando el Control (Taking Control), a community-based program for Spanish speakers living with chronic disease. We also hold diabetes management classes.

Our patient-centered care means when we consider your care we are thinking of the whole person.



Each summer, our Outreach team takes our mobile clinic out to migrant and seasonal farmworkers to bring medical and dental services to where people live and work. Farmworkers often suffer from pain, injuries and infections, while heat and dehydration aggravate chronic conditions – and getting to a clinic in town can be a barrier. Our team addresses their health concerns on the spot by bringing services to them – and connecting them to further care as needed.

When you donate to the Outreach program you help create a healthy community for those that struggle daily with access to care.



It is hard to get healthy if you can’t access the medication you need to stay that way. At Virginia Garcia we know the importance of access to prescriptions for our patients which is why we offer onsite pharmacies at all five primary care clinics. In addition, patients can receive low-cost prescriptions through the 340B pharmacy program to help lessen the burden of health care costs.

Our medical care teams include a clinical pharmacist. These professionals provide comprehensive medication management for patients dealing with complex medical conditions, and they work to ensure patients understand and adhere to their medication regimens.

Primary Health


Primary medical care is at the heart of what we do. To serve our communities, we operate five primary care clinics, including locations in Beaverton, Cornelius, Hillsboro, McMinnville and Newberg. Our primary care clinics offer integrated services with team-based care, onsite pharmacies, mental and behavioral health and labs services. Our clinics in Beaverton and Cornelius are Wellness Centers and offer programs like teaching kitchens for healthy cooking classes, lively exercise classes, activities for kids and group health education.

Our patient-centered care means when we consider your care we are thinking of the whole person.



For over ten years, Virginia Garcia has operated school-based health centers (SBHCs) to bring health care directly to kids in schools. Located in six communities across five school districts, we serve over 3,000 kids each year, providing primary, mental health, and oral health care. In addition, our dental sealants program traveled to over 20 schools, providing oral health assessments and dental sealants to more than 2,000 kids. SBHCs also encourage student leadership through student health advisory committees and a summer jobs academy.

Understanding that healthy kids lead to healthy futures is center to our support of the School-Based Health Centers.



Good health means so much more than just a trip to the doctor when you’re ill. With our innovative wellness programming, located at our Beaverton and Cornelius Wellness Centers, we take a holistic approach to health by offering things like Zumba and Thai Chi classes, healthy cooking instruction in our teaching kitchens, special programs for children during school breaks, and access to healthy food through a monthly food distribution with the Oregon Food Bank.

Your support means Virginia Garcia can continue to provide wellness classes and activities to the communities we serve.

Women's Health

maternal health

We know healthy kids begin with healthy moms. At our Women’s Clinic, we support maternal health in a number of ways. Our CenteringPregnancy® program brings expecting moms together to learn about healthy pregnancies and the development stages of their babies. Pregnant women can access dental hygiene services onsite. Our Baby Days program promotes oral health by pairing new parents with dental professionals to learn how to take care of babies and toddlers’ teeth and gums.

Supporting the Women’s Clinic means our providers can focus on providing the specific kind of care needed to thrive.

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