Care Champions

We invite you to join us as a “Care Champion”. 

Becoming a Care Champion means you are giving on a regular, scheduled basis in support of some of Virginia Garcia's most critical services.

care champion

How to give

Gifts are made on a regular basis in any amount you choose.

How it works

Here are just a few of the critical services you will support when you become a Care Champion:
  • Basic Needs of the Patient

    Support for items such as transportation costs, food and utilities.

  • Access to Medication

    Support our patients with access to medications at low-to-no cost to lessen the burden of health care expenses.

  • Staff Retention

    Help fund the programs that allow our staff to grow and excel, all while remaining at Virginia Garcia

  • Organizational Growth

    Provide opportunities for staff to achieve and expand Virginia Garcia’s mission by supporting daily operations and resources.

Become a care champion 

Your ongoing support will ensure Virginia Garcia can continue to remove the barriers that our patients often encounter on a daily basis.

Donate as little as $5/month.

To become a Care Champion, simply click the button below and select "recurring donation".

Donations are processed automatically on a monthly basis. Make changes to your donation, or cancel by reaching out to us directly.

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center