Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a new job? Considering a new career? Below are a few questions and answer to help get you started. 

How do I apply?

Virginia Garcia uses an online application system to track your submissions for employment. We appreciate the time you take to learn more about our health center and prepare your submission. This online system helps us ensure that you are kept up-to-date on any developments related to the opportunity (or opportunities) that interest you.

Once you have found a job which interests you, select Apply Online in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to create a profile and your submission. Simply follow the prompts to create both.

All applicants will need to include contact information and a current resume in their submission in order to be considered.

You can apply for more than one job with the same profile, and your profile information is saved for future visits.

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How do I find out about Job Study and Internship Opportunities?

We consider anyone coming into Virginia Garcia for an educational reason a Student Learner, however to clarify, an Intern is someone who will follow the provider and learn from observing and asking questions. A Student may actually interact with patients as well as shadowing and observation.

The program definition is broad. A Student Learner could be a high school senior fulfilling a class requirement or wanting to learn about a possible future career. It could be a Resident doing a rotation before becoming a full-fledged provider. At any given time you can find 30-40 Student Learners at Virginia Garcia.

To find out more about the program, visit our Student Learning and Internship page.

I want to work at Virginia Garcia but don't see a job for me. What can I do?

Contact Virginia Garcia’s Staffing Team. They will be happy to discuss your options with you by phone, e-mail or in person..

I am having problems with the application system. What do I do?

Contact Virginia Garcia’s Staffing Team for real-time assistance and alternative options.

How do I check the status of my application?

Contact Virginia Garcia’s Staffing Team for real-time assistance and alternative options.

How does Virginia Garcia decide who is hired and how long does the application process take?

New applications are reviewed on a near-daily basis by our staffing team. If your application shows that you meet the minimum requirements as described in the job posting, your submission is forwarded to the hiring manager to consider for interviewing.

If you interview and are selected, a member of the staffing team will contact you to begin a pre-employment process, which may include a background check, credentialing, and professional references before discussing a final offer with a start date.

In the event that the position is cancelled or you are not selected, you will receive a notification from the staffing team via the e-mail you entered when you applied.

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