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Career Spotlight
Clinical Aide

Clinical Aides are an important part of our clinic operations.  The job role has been crafted in a unique way, allowing Clinical Aides to explore other career options within the organization while learning more about Virginia Garcia. 

We believe that this role can provide both internal and external candidates the opportunity to work in our ‘back office’ environment while also finding their future role within the organization.   Pay starts at $17.37/hour.

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Starting in your 13th week, you will spend two days per month observing other jobs within the organization, giving you the opportunity find out more about opportunities at Virginia Garcia.

Career Counseling

All Clinical Aides’s will have access to this free service. You can get three free sessions of Career Counseling, as well as three free sessions of Life Coaching.


You are part of a community where feedback and career support are top priority.

Gather with others in your field to share experiences and build relationships.

Get to know Virginia Garcia

Want to find out more about the job? Ready to apply? 

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