Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center is working to ensure that elected officials can share their values for health and wellness to their potential constituents, especially in the geographic communities we serve.

For the fall 2018 election, VG distributed a questionnaire to all candidates running County Commissioner or Chair in Washington and Yamhill counties. Each candidate was asked three questions in early September, and given the opportunity to respond by September 30 when the below was first published.  VG will continue to updated responses from candidates even after the deadline has passed.

Questions were as follows:

What is the role of the county in addressing health issues? If you believe the county has an increasing role to play, where will the revenue come from to pay for these potential services?

How will you work to address social determinants of health in Washington County?

How do we/should we measure success in health care?

All responses are reprinted verbatim from what the candidates sent us. Please click on the link for each candidate to read their response. If there is no hyperlink, that candidate has not submitted a response.

Washington County

Yamhill County

Casey Kulla

Stan Primovich

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