b'Meeting the Need Outside the Exam RoomThe stories our care teams hear are heartbreaking.A mom with two young boys, one with severe disabilities, couldntafford her utility bill because her husband, the sole earner in the family, was deported.A family whose father suffered a stroke and was unable to work,struggled to pay rent.A woman whose car broke down, (also her home), was unable to driveto get her medications or food. The pandemic exacerbated the needs of our patients because of lost jobs, reduced hours, and illnesses.Through the generous gifts from our individual donors, corporate and foundation funders, Virginia Garcia helped meet the needs of these patients, and hundreds of others, through our Patient Flex Fund. Flex Funds help to provide our patients with necessities such as food, diapers, utilities, rent and medical equipment.Our community health outreach workers are critical to the success of this program.With their help we were able to provide support, information and guidance for our patients. Once an outreach worker learns about a patient in need, they help them apply and get approval for Flex Fund expenses. Our outreach workers also deliver food to patients doorsteps, assist at weekly food bank distributions, and register patients at our mobile clinic. Knowing that my work has a ripple effect on the lives of our patients, their families and our community keeps me coming back to work every day, said Adriana Gonzalez Mejia, community health outreach worker.#JointheFight'