b'Diabetes Management in the Time of COVIDCOVID-19 puts our patients with diabetes in a precarious situation. They need to manage their diabetes, but if they catch the virus, they face a far greater chance of serious complications. Virginia Garcia had just kicked off the Whole Person Care Diabetes program at the Beaverton Wellness Center when the virus hit. The program focused on how to best meet the needs of our patients with diabetes. It includes a registered dietitian and clinical pharmacist, who will meet in both one-on-one and group sessions with diabetic patients, helping them learn about diabetes, healthy diet, exercise and medication. A behaviorist also screens for diabetic distress and helps the patients make plans to address it.When face-to-face meetings were no longer possible, the team quickly revamped their plans. They moved into the virtual world with telehealth visits, and produced nutrition videos and recorded cooking and exercise classes for patients to access on Virginia Garcias YouTube channel. In addition, they offered virtual chronic illness support groups and invited anyone with diabetes to join.For VG Dietitian Dawn Phillips, working with patients using telehealth has been both rewarding and challenging. Many of my patients like the convenience of telehealth, but I find it can take longer to establish trust, she said. We begin by talking about the added stress that families face during COVID-19. We talk about weight gain, nutrition, food groups, food portions and calorie range. We make shopping lists and family meal plans. Whats most rewarding about my job is that theres always a solution.#JointheFight Donate today: comprehensive primary care addresses our patients complex needs.'