Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

Virginia Garcia’s Outreach Team provides services across Washington and Yamhill Counties focused on promoting access to education and resources for patients. The Outreach Team hosts and attends Health Fairs, leads wellness activities and classes, and connects patients to resources beyond the scope of health care.

For more information on Outreach Services, contact Community Outreach Manager, Ignolia Duyck at 503-359-8527. 

Padres con Iniciativa / Parents with Initiative

Virginia Garcia offers a parenting education program to help prevent child abuse and neglect and to empower parents with the skills they need to raise healthy children. This program is called Padres con Iniciativa or Parents with Initiative (PCI). Now in its 30th year, PCI has helped transform the lives of thousands of children.

PCI uses a nationally recognized, evidence-based curriculum and one-on-one coaching to directly impact a number of risk factors for child abuse or neglect: social isolation, poor parenting skills, low self-esteem, and lack of support. The curriculum is in Spanish, and all materials for parents are designed for low-literacy comprehension. In addition, we offer transportation assistance to help families we serve overcome transportation barriers.

Migrant Camp Program

In 2015, Virginia Garcia provided mobile-care services to 737 patients needing medical care and 69 patients needing dental care. 

Through the Migrant Camp Outreach Program, the Virginia Garcia Outreach Team provides medical treatment and health education to migrant and seasonal farmworkers living and working in local migrant labor camps.

From May through August, Virginia Garcia sends a team of providers, nurses, and health educators to the camps to provide on-site treatment and education. Health Educators provide information about sexually transmitted diseases, pesticide exposure, and prevention of work related injuries.

Each patient that visits the mobile clinic receives blood pressure and glucose screenings before visiting the Outreach Nurse. Patients who require a greater level of care are referred to the provider on site or a Virginia Garcia clinic during normal clinic hours.

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