Our mental health makes a huge impact on our overall health — our bodies, minds and hearts are connected. But for many people, visiting a therapist can be uncomfortable and perceived as a cultural stigma. But at Virginia Garcia, we try to take the anxiety and fear out of the process. Patients can access a Behavioral Health Provider to confront challenges such as diabetes, chronic pain, insomnia or addictions and receive support and services to participate in Mental Health Therapy if longer-term counseling is desirable for challenges in life like depression, trauma, anxiety or significant life changes that would benefit from support. To reach a Behavioral or Mental Health provider, patients just need to mention to their primary care doctor about their interest. Our doctors may also encourage or recommend this type of support, as a way to address something in our lives that traditional medical services are not quite covering.

Virginia Garcia offers Behavioral and Mental Health services at all of our primary care locations and School-Based Heath Centers.

Reverse Integration 

Virginia Garcia has launched a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reaching a segment of the population facing more significant barriers to accessing primary care – people with serious mental illness and/or addictions. Partnering with local mental health agencies, Virginia Garcia will bring primary care services to three mental health facilities in Washington and Yamhill Counties. Our goal is to bring medical services on-site to the mental health facility in order to mitigate the challenges faced by some people in our community in accessing traditional primary care settings.

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