Virginia Garcia hosts group visits for patients dealing with persistent pain, diabetes, and weight-related health issues. These group sessions allow patients to learn from shared experiences and build confidence in their abilities to make lifestyle changes in a supportive, judgment-free environment.  

Persistent Pain Management 

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Virginia Garcia offers Persistent Pain Management group visits with a Behaviorist to help patients better understand pain pathways, increase functioning, and improve overall well-being despite having a persistent pain issue.

Topics covered include:

  • Medication management
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Communication
  • Diet / exercise
  • Relaxation / mindfulness
  • Mood management

Diabetes Management

Virginia Garcia doctors and nurses know that living with diabetes can be challenging. In order to control this complex disease, there are many things to learn and many lifestyle choices for patients to make. We offer a variety of educational opportunities and support programs.

Classes and Group Visits: 

  1. Basic Diabetes – An overview of what diabetes is and how you can control it. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about the disease. Come to this group to learn the real facts about diabetes.
  1. Nutrition for Diabetics – Learn how to eat a healthy diet without giving up the foods you love.
  1. Carbohydrate Counting – Discover the best way to control carbohydrate intake and blood sugar levels, and to lose weight.
  1. Simple Insulin – Learn how to use insulin successfully and avoid blood sugar highs and lows.
  1. Complex Insulin – Learn how to know when insulin needs to be increased or decreased.

Other Services: 

  1. Individual appointments with our Certified Diabetic Educator and Clinical Pharmacists These appointments help you manage your diabetes medications and insulin. We spend 30 minutes to an hour with you to help formulate a specific plan that works with your lifestyle to control your diabetes.
  2. Personal Health Coach – If you sign up for our Care Management program, our nurses will call you frequently to help you meet your goals. They can help motivate you when you feel stuck and answer questions that come up as you go.
  3. Behavioral Health Visits – Sometimes people with diabetes struggle with anxiety, depression or just feeling overwhelmed by the work of taking care of their diabetes. Our counselors understand how to help you deal with issues that get in the way of reaching your goals and living a happy, healthy life.
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