Hot Spotting Partnership with Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

In 2012, Virginia Garcia began a partnership with Providence St. Vincent Medical Center to implement hot spotting, an innovative means of identify the places in health care where targeted resources can produce significant cost savings and better patient outcomes.

Too often, people who do not have an established primary care provider use the hospital emergency room for non-emergency care. Hot spotting allows health care teams to identify patients who use the emergency room frequently and provide those patients with access to a health care team that can help address social challenges in addition to medical problems. 

“These are patients who are on a treadmill of being sick, going to the hospital, being discharged, and not getting what they really need in terms of social support,” said Virginia Garcia Medical Director Ann Turner. “They bounce back to the emergency room. The team-based care model allows us to engender trust that allows patients to feel comfortable and continue their care with the team.”

Preliminary Results of the Hot Spotting Program

An analysis of program results conducted by Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in October 2013, found significant reductions in emergency room utilization and per patient health care costs after patients enrolled in the program. The analysis also found overall cost savings of over $2.6 million in the program’s first 17 months.

Utilization per Patient Year Pre-Enrollment Post-Enrollment % Change
Annual Emergency Room Visits 4.11 0.99 76% reduction
Annual Inpatient Visits 1.73 .32 82% reduction
Annual Emergency Room Charges $8,368 $2,207 74% reduction
Annual Inpatient Charges $44,745 $11,231 75% reduction
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