Virginia Garcia’s Wellness Program addresses a critical need for care that goes beyond the traditional medical visit to help families develop healthy behaviors and habits. The need is particularly great among the population Virginia Garcia serves, which face multiple socio-economic challenges that often trump health care goals.

Core wellness services are offered at the Virginia Garcia Wellness Center in Cornelius. The center was designed specifically to host integrated preventive medical and wellness services in a comprehensive primary health care home.

The goal of the Wellness Program is to engage families in activities and behaviors that keep them healthy, and to help participants develop and maintain healthy habits. We accomplish this by addressing multiple aspects of wellness – food and nutrition, exercise and movement, social connection and wellbeing, safety, mindfulness and more.

Classes Offered:

  • Centering groups for pregnant women and new parents that emphasize sharing with and learning from peers
  • Supportive group medical and dental visits for pregnant women, young children and patients with complex conditions
  • Exercise classes including Zumba, Tai Chi, yoga, and Bootcamp to prepare for a 5K, and a low-impact exercise class
  • Physical therapy sessions in partnership with Pacific University
  • Nutrition and food preparation classes

Download Calendars (PDFs)

Cornelius Wellness Center Calendar May 2017│Calendario de actividades del Centro de Bienestar de Cornelius Mayo 2017

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