Message from Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center CEO, Gil Muñoz

For Virginia Garcia, growth has been the trend for the past few years.

Virginia Garcia opened the Newberg Clinic, which will provide primary care, integrated behavioral health, and dental services to the community of Yamhill County. Also, this year we opened our Beaverton Dental Clinic as well as the Evans Street Clinic in McMinnville, providing primary care access to those with severe and persistent mental illness.

By planning thoughtfully for this growth, Virginia Garcia is well positioned to meet the ever-growing demand for health care services in our communities. We have seen success in expansion – and to build upon that success, we are returning our organizational focus to improving access and connecting people to primary care. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act in January, has resulted in significant demand of patients to primary care. The next step for Virginia Garcia is to ensure that we are utilizing all of our sites and resources efficiently to serve as many patients as we can.

We’ve added (and already expanded) a call center in Cornelius to ensure patients can make appointments in a timely manner and decrease wait times on the phone. We’ve begun hiring more providers at each of our clinics. And we’ve taken steps to accelerate the process for establishing new patients with their first clinic visit.

By expanding our footprint and focusing on the needs of our patients, Virginia Garcia continues to provide quality health care to more people each day. I am proud of the progress we’ve made over the last year and eager to continue the work of eliminating barriers to care and improving the ways patients access care. Thank you for your continued support as we pursue our mission of providing high quality health care for those who need it most.