Toxic Stress and the role of Health Care:
Translating long-term adversity into lifelong health

Toxic stress is persistent and prolonged adversity without an adequate support system. When a child experiences stress, their body reacts with an elevated heart rate, adrenaline rush and increased hormone levels. If the child receives support from caring adults, the stress is relieved and their brain learns to manage future stress. However, if that stress is prolonged or there is no support system in place to help it, the response stays activated and their developing system is at risk for remaining in permanent overload.

Persistent toxic stress affects the development of the brain and places the individual at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse, depression and even cardiovascular disease later in life. It simultaneously reduces the likelihood to succeed in school, maintain healthy relationships and hold down a job.  To make matters worse, the longer toxic stress is present, the harder it is to reverse the effects.

Please join us as we examine the causes of toxic stress and discuss ways health care providers can reduce the impact at this year’s health care symposium. Each year, Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation hosts its annual Health Care Symposium, bringing together health leaders from across the region to address national health care challenges and how they affect Oregonians. Virginia Garcia strives to provide high quality health care in an ever-changing world. In times like these we seek to be a center of innovation, constantly looking for better ways to serve the most vulnerable among us.


Thursday, April 26, 2018
OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building
2730 SW Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Evening Agenda (subject to change):

5:30pm:     Social Hour in the OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Atrium
6:30pm:     Event begins in the OHSU Portland State Lecture Hall
8pm:            Symposium concludes

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Joining the panel:

Jessie Domingo Salu Vice President, Crittenton Foundation
Imelda Dacones, MD President and CEO, Northwest Permanente P.C.
John Muench, MD/MPH, Professor of Family Medicine, School of Medicine, OHSU
Eva Galvez,MD Primary Care Physician, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

Moderated by:
Ruben Castaneda, Health and Wellness reporter, US News and World Report

While this event serves to represent Virginia Garcia as a leader in the health care field and provide enduring support for our clinics, it is not your average symposium. The purpose of the evening is to create a conversation about pressing health care topics and trends with a room of over 250 representatives from diverse sectors, including academia, government, the media as well as the nonprofit and business sectors.  The audience should leave better informed on the topics, through new perspectives by experts in the field and ways they can take action in the community to create better health outcomes for Oregonians and beyond.

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